What is Musical Theater?

As entertainment goes musical theater is extremely popular. However, what does the term musical theater actually mean? This is an attempt to decipher the answers and also explore the history of this rich form of entertainment. Going to the theater has always been a special occasion, even the movies cannot stand up in comparison to […]

Eight Great Fringe Festivals – Part 2

In part one of our discovery to find the best fringe festivals around the world we traveled to Australia and Europe to see very different performance arts festivals. In this epic theatrical journey, we travel to the wonderland that is Hollywood, as well as visiting the ancient capital of the Czech Republic, and finally to […]

Eight Great Fringe Festivals – Part 1

It does not mind what kind of festival is being held, be it art, music, or performance. A regular accompaniment to the festival is a collection of associated performances often called Fringe. Fringe Festivals are now a common occurrence in modern day festivals, but they have been with us since the mid-1900’s. For as long […]