The Liberation of Underground Art – Part 2

The liberation of underground art is well underway due to the accessibility of this genre of art on the internet. Previously, underground art as its name suggests was successful as it was underground and hard to find. Fans of this genre of art loved the fact that it was art they seemed to be made […]

The Liberation of Underground Art – Part 1

Underground art in all its different guises has never really offended mainstream audiences as they have had no access to it. But things are changing, instead of trying to find small back street venues were performance artists are displaying their work, fans of underground art can now do it easily from their own homes, and […]

Black Performers in Contemporary Art

The Studio Museum in Harlem New York City, has always been at the cutting edge of performance art. It has also championed African-American art, in particular black performance art. One of the most controversial works that the Studio has shown is the Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art. This was the first time that […]