It does not mind what kind of festival is being held, be it art, music, or performance. A regular accompaniment to the festival is a collection of associated performances often called Fringe. Fringe Festivals are now a common occurrence in modern day festivals, but they have been with us since the mid-1900’s.

For as long as audiences have gathered to see artists performing there are many other artists prepared to display their acting and performance skills often for free. It is way for wanna-be stars of the future to show they too have talent.

Many fringe festivals are now as important as the actual festival itself. A good example of this is The Edinburgh Fringe, that is famous around the world in its own right. These are a collection of small-scale experimental performances that push the boundaries of entertainment. Let us travel the world to see some of the very best fringe festivals that there are today.


This festival takes place over a three-week period and it is very much as open-access arts festival, that has a particular carnival atmosphere to the whole occasion. Adelaide Fringe is different to many other fringe festivals in that the performers taking place are quite often already very well-known and established artists.

They tend to perform at the fringe, to get better interaction with the audience and also to try out new routines and material they have yet to rehearse or perform. Adelaide Fringe is widely recognized for being fresh and innovative but mostly because it is fun and does not tend to take itself too seriously.


The marvelous and historic city of Budapest celebrates a Spring Festival every year, and during the final three days of this festival the Budapest Fringe is held. It gives lesser-known and newer artists a platform for showing their talents. It is not just restricted to artists from Hungary, more or less any artist from around the world can appear. You can see just about every kind of performance at the Budapest Fringe, from belly dancing to fire eating, plus of course many food and drink stalls selling specialty food.


For those people who know this eclectic part of south London, Camden has a unique feel to it every day of the year. There are many artisans plying their trade around Camden Lock, small cafes, and bijou jazz clubs. All in a melting pop of English culture.

Camden Fringe is a real alternative to its bigger brother Edinburgh, but it is more edgy. Frequently it has been described as a little weird, and surreal. The biggest thing that you can level at this festival is that it is always unpredictable, and nobody knows who will actually turn up and what they will be performing.

These three great fringe festivals highlight the diverse talent that can be found all around the world. Each of them has their own personality but they all are vehicles for upcoming artists to show their talent. In part two of this blog we travel to Hollywood, Dublin, and Prague in search of even more alternative entertainment.