In the world of the underground performance artist there is an organization that is both supportive and informative for everything that is connected with underground art. RAW was born for natural born artists and is an independent arts organization by artists for artists.

It is a truly international organization with members gathered from the four corners of the world and is very much a community for any creative individual.

The Mission

RAW has a simple mission and that is to help and encourage independent artists to succeed in their chosen careers by providing resources, education and tools. It is somewhere that independent artists can go to whether they specialize in crafts, film, visual art, performance art, music, dance, beauty, photography, or technology.

Above all RAW is fun, it focuses on its aims in different and alternative ways that can present art to local and worldwide audiences. To say that RAW is loud, different, colorful, and creative is to sum the organization up. RAW is all about the artists it supports and their well-being.

Mission Statement

RAW believes that as an organization they are stronger together than apart. And that by joining together they can do more to share their collective and creative culture, that represents their own generation. Heidi Luerra the founder of RAW states that every one of their performers deserves the chance to be heard, seen, and loved.

How Raw Fulfills its Mission

There is basically two ways that RAW helps its community, by having an interactive online network, and by showcasing live events.

RAW showcases are live performances and events, that feature the community of artists in all their creative genres, from tech, music, dance, performance art, film, hair & makeup, fashion, visual art, and photography.

These showcases take place in over seventy cities around the world, and a designated RAW team helps to promote, plan and produce each event.

The second way that RAW fulfills its mission is online. Their dedicated website highlights all the RAW community of artists. This gives them great exposure around the world, and each individual artist has their own profile stored so anybody can see their history and their work.

The hosting of these online profiles is a great way for the artists to promote themselves, as the RAW site is open to public view. The website also promotes the RAW community and artists can connect with other artists and invite them to take part in events etc.

What to Expect at a RAW Showcase?

If you attend a RAW Showcase, then you can expect a number of things. Firstly, a highly professional event, that is planned and promoted to highlight the talent on show. Quite often there will be an independent film screening which could be a music video or even a webisode.

There will always be a pop-up gallery featuring the artist and their work, vendor booths hosting the artists’ works, tech demos, fashion shows, roaming models, and live performance art. Combine all this with cocktails, shopping, and networking and you have the total RAW package.